Wildlife Baby Formula Fundraiser

Give wildlife babies a second chance! You can help support the starting costs of baby formula this season at Cedar Run! 

2023 was a very busy year for our Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital! Good Samaritans brought in 6,283 NJ native wild animals in need of critical care and treatment. We treated 158 different species!

Many species treated are on specialized species-specific formula and diets, to help them develop as naturally as possible.

Last year, we treated over 4,000 orphaned baby wild animals. No matter the species, when they come in as infants, they are hand-fed species-specific formula multiple times throughout the day.

Squirrel and Opossum babies will start coming in, in a few short weeks

During wildlife baby season, we may have up to 80 squirrel babies in our care at one time. That’s a lot of feeding! An orphaned squirrel is typically in our care for an average of 10 weeks, which can cost up to $160 per squirrel.

Please consider helping us get ready for wildlife baby season! Donate today to help cover the starting cost of wildlife baby formula this season.

Help us reach our goal of $6,000!

You can help make a difference in a wild animal’s release story.

During wildlife baby season, April through September, Cedar Run’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital can have up to 500 wild animals in care at one time and see 100 patient intakes a day!

In 2023, of the 6,283 total treated 70% were orphaned or injured wildlife babies!

  • 1,434 Eastern Cottontails
  • 894 Eastern Grey Squirrels
  • 53 Red Foxes
  • 289 Raccoons
  • 57 Striped Skunks
  • 352 Virginia Opossums
  • 63 White-tailed Deer

Fox kit patient, formula fed.

DOUBLE your impact! The FIRST $1,500 donated will be DOUBLED by a long-time generous donor. Every contribution will make a difference, whether you donate $5 or $500.

HELP US REACH OUR GOAL OF $6,000. Consider chipping in to support our wildlife baby season formula fundraiser. Please remember, no amount is too small, every little bit will help us to feed these wild babies! 

The average cost of care for the native wildlife we treat is around $85. Your donation helps to purchase the much-needed formula that keeps our Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital making sure the upcoming orphaned wildlife babies grow big and strong to survive in the wild!

Common Reason Wildlife Come Into Care

Found a baby outside their nest?

If you have found a young, uninjured wild animal that is not in its nest, the first step is to try to reunite the baby with its parents. It is always best to keep families together if possible, so please choose the appropriate link below to find species-specific advice. If reuniting is unsuccessful, please call our Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital at 856-983-3329 ext. 107.

Help us reach our goal today of $6,000 and give wildlife babies a second chance!