Wildlife Rescue

IMPORTANT! The Wildlife Hospital will continue to accept injured and orphaned native wildlife. For your safety and the safety of our staff, we will continue to take face-to-face drop-offs from behind a glass divider.  Masks are not required for drop-offs. 

PLEASE CALL US AT (856) 983-3329 ext. 107 so that we can provide you assistance AND allow us to be prepared for new intakes. In our 24/7 drop-off area, we provide instructions, clean linens, heating pads, and intake paperwork for finders. We will be checking in regularly for new drop-offs.

Our Wildlife Hospital admits more than 6,000 animals every year! This life-saving work is funded through the generosity of our community.

We receive no local, state, or federal funding. Please consider making a donation towards the care of our many patients! Your donation helps to buy the much needed supplies, food, and medication that keep our hospital running!

Cedar Run only accepts native wildlife to NJ. We do not accept any domestic animals, farm animals, or domestic/homing pigeons.

If you find a wild animal with obvious injuries, please bring the animal to us as soon as possible. Please refer to our Capture/Transport page for specifics on handling wild animals.

If you have found a baby wild animal or are not sure of injury, please call our hospital for advice or click on the link below for more information. Many times babies can be reunited with their families.



856-983-3329 ext. 107


9am-4:00pm Mon-Sun (Fall/Winter); 9am-7:00pm (Spring/Summer)


Please do not email questions or post questions on Facebook. We are busy attending to our patients and cannot answer in a timely manner.

Please contact us via phone.


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