Can I Keep It?

Can I keep the wild animal as a pet?

No, for the following reasons:

  • Keeping a baby for even a short time can result in imprinting (bonding to humans). Imprinted animals can no longer survive on their own in the wild, resulting in a lifetime of dependency on humans.
  • It is illegal in the state of New Jersey to keep wild animals without a permit.
  • It is not fair to the animal. Wild animals will never fully adjust to living amongst humans and domestic animals.
  • Wild animals are dangerous. Even if they seem friendly as babies, by the time they reach adulthood they will be dangerous and can inflict serious injuries.
  • Wild animals can carry a variety of parasites that are dangerous to your family and pets. Some of these parasites can not only be unpleasant, but deadly in some cases.
  • There are many domestic animals that are in need of good homes and will make wonderful pets! Check local animal shelters to see what is available for adoption!