We will miss you Mozart

It is with an extremely heavy heart that we have to let you know about the loss of our beloved resident Ball Python, Mozart.

Mozart was one of a kind at Cedar Run. Mozart had been a Wildlife Ambassador at Cedar Run since 1991 when she was surrendered to us after being found abandoned. Mozart happened to be the only New Jersey non-native species permanent resident at Cedar Run. Born in captivity, she unfortunately escaped from her family home while they were moving and was left behind. The new owners of the home found her one day curled up in their piano, which is how she got her name!

While at Cedar Run, Mozart made a huge impact on our local community and played a huge part in educating the public on the important role snakes play in our ecosystem. While we were unsure about how old she was exactly as she was fully grown, Mozart spent 33 years educating thousands of visitors and students, and changing hearts and minds about snakes. She was often the first snake visitors could meet up close without fear. Mozart was sweet and gentle, and always a favorite at our programs. She enjoyed being curled up under her favorite turtle shell!

Sadly, Mozart had passed away, and with the help of our Veterinarians, it was ruled that she had developed severe kidney disease and anemia. As it can happen, kidney disease can happen rapidly and was not curable or treatable. Unfortunately, in wildlife, illnesses are well hidden and typically found only when it is too late.

Our staff and volunteers will miss Mozart beyond measure, and the Nature Center will not be the same without her. Mozart, you will be forever missed. ❤

If you have any photos or videos you would like to share with us, our team would love to see them as we take a moment to remember how much joy she brought to all.

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