We’ve reached our goal and beyond! Thank you!

Your generosity has allowed us to offer spots to 16 campers this summer! Due to the unprecedented support of our Summer Camp program and the limited spaces, we have sold out of spots faster than any previous year. To make sure we have room for everyone, we need to limit the amount of Sponsorships we can give this year. Any further Sponsorships that come in will be put towards Summer Camp 2023, so we can start next year ahead of the game!

We can’t thank you enough for your support of Cedar Run and our community! We hope that you will continue to support our Sponsor-a-Camper program in the future!

Summer Camp Fun for Every Child!

For youth from economically-challenged homes, the opportunity to enjoy a carefree summer spent learning and playing outdoors might be an impossible dream. Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge invites you to help give these children respite from the reality of their daily struggles and empower them with a connection to the natural world with a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to attend summer camp through the Sponsor-a-Camper Initiative.

We know that the economic effects of the last year have  been exceptionally hard on some families. Families are struggling with work, childcare, and education opportunities. We feel that shouldn’t exclude kids from having a carefree summer and an enriching camp experience.

Our goal is to raise $2,250 with this initiative. This is enough to send 9 under-served campers to Cedar Run’s camp. That’s one sponsored camper for each week of camp plus one. One week of camp costs $250 but sponsors can donate any amount and it will go toward the tuition balance of a family in need. Regardless of whether we make our goal, every penny will be used to provide a valuable experience for campers who may otherwise not be able to come.

Sponsors donating $100 or more will receive a personal thank you card from a sponsored camper. Every sponsor regardless of amount will receive a letter of gratitude and acknowledgment from Cedar Run. Sponsors may choose to remain anonymous if they prefer. We also accept corporate sponsors, if your business or place of work would like to participate, click here for more information.

If you are interested in sponsoring a camper complete the form below or send a check made payable to “Cedar Run” and mail it to 4 Sawmill Rd, Medford, NJ 08055.

Help Us Reach Our 2022 Goal

$4125 of $2250