Yoga at the Refuge: Connecting with Mother Earth Sound Bath

September 23, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Join us for another season of Yoga at Cedar Run! All levels are welcomed. This will be a slow vinyasa/yin class. Some flow movement with some deep yin holds! Intentional movement progressing towards strength and healing to make you feel invigorated and relaxed.  Breathe in the healing energy of the natural surroundings, heal yourself as you contribute to healing the animals around you.

This special class will be in the early evening surrounded by the sounds of nature, the smells of the forest and the evening air, joined with us will be Jewels Sound Bath Healer for an exclusive sound healing in nature! This session we will be stretching out in our covered pavilion as we will take in the sounds of nature and welcoming the Fall Equinox. We will have tea at the nature center as well to help get your body and mind calm, replenished and ready for this session!

We encourage you to arrive 30 minutes early at our Nature Center to have some tea, use the restroom, get a good spot and check in. The class will start at 7:00pm. 

Please bring your own yoga mat as we do not offer rentals. Props are optional. Water will be available for purchase in the Nature Center, we also have a water refill station for any reusable water bottles. 

Class size of 25. Limited space is available! Grab your spot before we sell out!

  • Children between the ages of 16-18 must be accompanied by an adult/parent.
  • No children under 16 may be permitted in the yoga session.

Meet your instructors: Monica Walsh – High Vibrations Association

Monica was first introduced to yoga when her mom brought her to her first class that a friend was teaching at a Synagogue in the late 90s. They attended the class because Monica’s relationship to her newly developing teenage body was not a healthy one.  This beautiful, simple, practice opened her eyes to a new path with

which to approach the human condition both on and off the mat. Ever since, Monica’s desire for yogic knowledge snowballed –seeking out classes at local gyms and yoga studios turned into finding highly qualified mentors resulting in a lifelong regulated practice and a desire for something deeper, a taste for something higher than ourselves. For the last couple of decades Monica has spent thousands of hours on the mat at different vinyasa, hatha and 26/2 focused studios.  With a great deal of knowledge under her belt and a thirst to help others, Monica became a Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Certified Teacher in March of 2020 and began teaching yoga at Lavender Koi in Berlin, NJ immediately. Around the same time, Monica was introduced to Bhakti Yoga and began to deepen her knowledge in the ancient Vedic teachings of yoga philosophy. Today, Monica continues to teach at Lavender Koi Yoga as well as Studio 67 in Medford, NJ with the a focus of helping others, not only on a basic physical level in the body, but to also provide students with a tool box for the mind and spirit.

Jewels Cusaac, Sound Healer and ERYT

I utilize a plethora of modalities to help students & clients ground into their bodies, establish strong boundaries and open portals to the magic and abundance within. With crystal singing bowls and Kenari Seed Rods, my aim is to bring together both hemispheres of the brain in a beautiful marriage of spirit and science. Everything is vibration, after all, and by tuning ourselves like instruments, we can heal everything from the physical on a cellular level, as well as the spiritual, energetic and vibrational forces within.

Meditation appeals to both sides of the brain; the left, analytical side that knows the immense physical benefits it provides, and the right, fluid side that seeks flow and space. Meditation has allowed me to connect with myself deeply, dissipate anxiety and ground into my own energy to help me become a more empowered being. Forever grateful for these incredible tools.

By studying sound, I also study silence. Silence is the key to all sound. It holds infinite potential. By surrounding yourself in whatever amount of silence you can achieve in this hectic world, we can allow the noises of life to integrate and settle. Although true silence is impossible, when we create space for it, we create space within ourselves. I aim to hold people in this space to feel safe and seen.

All proceeds from this event go directly towards supporting Cedar Run’s mission of the preservation and protection of New Jersey’s wildlife and habitats through education, conservation, and rehabilitation. When you attend a Cedar Run event, you make a direct impact in our community!

Please no birthday parties or scout programs for these events. If you are interested in hosting a birthday party or scout program at Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge, please check out our website links for Birthday Parties & Scout Programs.

General admission, promotional day passes (free-day passes/groupons) & library passes will not work for Special Events, such as this one.