Wildscaping for Wildlife: Virtual Education Series (Last Class)

April 22, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – 7:45 pm

Join us for the Wildscaping for Wildlife: Virtual Education Series, a six-part exploration into the world of Wildscaping – where nature meets landscaping and the importance of planting with native plants.

    • In Part 1 (March 11), Wildscaping 101, discover the essentials of Wildscaping, from planting native species to engaging neighbors with different perspectives.
    • Part 2 (March 18), Environmental Impacts, unravels how Wildscaping provides sustainable solutions and positively influences our surroundings.
    • Part 3 (April 1), Impacts on Wildlife, where we delve into the unique relationship between landscaping and native wildlife, uncovering how Wildscaping fosters harmony and supports biodiversity.
    • Part 4 (April 8), Planning, provides insights into the strategic aspects of Wildscaping, from ecoregions to invasive species removal.
    • Part 5 (April 15), Getting Started, covers the art of selecting native plants and designing biodiverse landscapes for a wildlife-friendly haven.
    • Conclude the series with Part 6 (April 22), Certifying Your Property, where we guide you through the steps to certify your Wildscaping projects, ensuring your commitment to wildlife conservation is officially recognized.
This modular series allows you to engage at your convenience, empowering you to become a Wildscaping expert, and make a positive impact on the environment and native wildlife!
Cedar Run’s Native Plant Sale is blooming on April 27th! Get ready, and expand your native plant knowledge while making your garden beautiful. 
Sessions will take place via Zoom on every Monday noted at 7pm, running between 30-45 minutes depending on questions from the group. Register for one session, or all, as your schedule allows. Pre-registration is required.
  • Cedar Run Member Discount! $3 per Session
  • Non-Member Pricing: $8 per Session