Adopt A Wild One
OrionYou can help one of our injured or orphaned animals by symbolically "adopting" it for a year. Your support provides food, medicine, veterinary treatment and care for our residents. In addition, you'll receive the animal's photo and adoption certificate.

You might want to open your heart to Orion, a bald eagle. Orion, collided with high-tension power lines in Wyoming and can no longer fly. During his rehabilitation, Orion was blinded in his left eye during a scuffle with another eagle. Cedar Run became his permanent home in March of 2000. Since his arrival here, Orion has inspired visitors as an ambassador to his species, which is endangered in NJ. 

TommyOr maybe you'd prefer Tommy, the eastern box turtle. Tommy came to us in 1994, after being rescued by a passerby who noticed him crossing a road. It was apparent that he had suffered many old injuries. Healed cracks in his top and bottom shell plus a fissure from his left eye to his mouth most likely occurred from a previous vehicle impact. Tommy was also found to be missing most of his rear right leg. The staff surmised that all of the old injuries occurred during his adult life. He had probably been kept indoors as a pet. His carapace, the top domed section of his shell, was found to be misshapen, a sign of metabolic bone disorder (MBD). He now lives in the reptile room in our Nature Center and is one of our most popular Wildlife Ambassadors and Adopts.

Not sure who to choose? Visit our Resident Wildlife page to see who's adoptable.

Adopt a Wild One Application
Give a gift or treat yourself and help protect the future of South Jersey wildlife and habitats. Your symbolic adoption helps to provide care to the more than 60 wildlife residents of the Refuge and the more than 4500 wild animals dropped off each year in need of care. 

Each annual adopt comes with:
~ Adoption certificate with color photo of our resident
~ Story of our resident 
~ Information on the chosen species
~ One year subscription to our newsletter
~ One free visit to the Refuge

You can choose from any of the following levels for adoption:

$150 Level
Bald Eagle
Peregrine Falcon
Barred Owl

$100 Level
Red-tailed Hawk
Great-horned Owl

$75 Level
Barn Owl
Turkey Vulture
White-tailed Deer

$50 Level
Eastern Screech-Owl 
Corn Snakes
American Kestrel
Northern Cardinal

$35 Level
American Crow
Fish Crow
Eastern Box Turtle
Canada Goose

Please let us know if this is a gift. We will acknowledge the gift to them and send you a donation acknowledgement. 

After completing this page of information you will be directed to a payment screen. Please be confident that we have received all of your adopt criteria.

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