Eastern Box Turtle

Arrived in 1994 (age unknown). Tommy’s history is based on his physical condition upon arrival at Cedar Run. He was most likely kept as a pet while a growing juvenile. Improper diet caused metabolic bone disease, which caused damage to his carapace (shell), beak, and nails. Shell cracks would make him not be able to hibernate and survive the winter in the wild. Tommy also suffers from a missing back right leg.


Black Rat Snake

Remy the Black Rat Snake is one of the few residents to come to Cedar Run as a hatchling. Hatched in 2021 he is currently a juvenile with gray with black coloration . As the years go by, Remy will darken, his markings will fade and his scales will become black like his name suggests. He is currently being handled every day by Staff at Cedar Run for enrichment and training to become a Wildlife Ambassador!

Winkin'& Blinkin'

Eastern Box Turtles

AKA “the girls.” Arrived 2011 (age unknown). The girls arrived at Cedar Run after living at the Newark Museum for many years (they arrived 1988, and 1999). Both have issues with metabolic bone disease, likely caused by an improper diet as youngsters, causing deformed shells.


Corn Snake

Hatched in 1997 and arrived in 2014. Raised as a pet for 15 years before arriving at Cedar Run, Dylan is unreleasable. Dylan was a wonderful Education Ambassador for many years, but is now enjoying his retirement. You can still visit with him in reptile room in the Nature Center!


Ball Python

Arrived 2004 (age unknown). She is the only Refuge resident that is not a species native to New Jersey. She was captive-bred and left behind by her former owners when they moved away. The new residents of the home found her lying under their piano, hence the musical name.


Corn Snake

He hatched in 2011 and arrived in 2017 after being raised in captivity and surrender to Cedar Run. You can see Chevy in our reptile room or on many on- and off-site education programs.


Northern Pine Snake

He hatched in August 2016 and arrived in February 2017 after being raised in captivity and surrender to Cedar Run. You can see Oren in our reptile room or during on- and off-site education programs.