(pronounced mike-a, is Native American for “wise or knowing raccoon”)

He arrived in January 2015. Mika was found in the fall as a juvenile lingering around a warehouse trying to find food from people. He was taken to Mercer County Wildlife Center in November 2014. After an initial evaluation by rehabilitation staff it was determined that he was habituated and could not be released into the wild. We assume that someone raised him and then he either escaped or was mistakenly released. Mika is very friendly towards people and a very curious and playful raccoon.


White-Tailed Deer

In 2003, she was found walking along a road in a nearby township wearing a collar and leash. The first white-tailed deer to become a permanent resident of the Refuge was named “Sassafras” by our founder, Betty Woodford. This gentle deer is her namesake.

Mike & Ike

Eastern Gray Squirrels

They were born in spring 2017 and arrived November 2017. They are littermates and are imprinted on humans, which means they are used to people and would not survive in the wild. They are curious and playful. Mike is the one with the small “notch” in his left ear.

Phoebe Muffay

Striped Skunk

She was brought to us when her living situation in a home was not working out. Phoebe was born at a skunk breeding facility in May 2018, and had her scent glands removed prior to arriving at Cedar Run. She will now spend the rest of her life with us as an ambassador for her species, educating countless children and adults! Cedar Run does not encourage or promote the breeding or use of skunks as house pets.