Eagles & Hawks


Bald Eagle

Hatched in 2004 and arrived in 2005. She came to us from Wyoming and was found at the base of a tree. She had been attacked and injured by crows when she was a nestling. She was deemed non-releasable due to impaired flight. It was interesting to observe her as she matured and her dark head and tail turned white over the course of four to five years. Hallie is usually sitting on the highest perch and can often be heard vocalizing.


Red-Tailed Hawk

He arrived in 2001. He was injured as a first year bird on Christmas Day 2001. A car impact caused severe damage to his left eye leaving him permanently blind in that eye and the inability to hunt effectively. Aldora was the first member of our Education Team to be “glove” trained for raptor presentations. His name means “winged gift” in Greek.


Red-Tailed Hawk

She came here as an adult in 1997. She was found on a golf course in Riverton, NJ. We surmise she was raised by humans and released while still a juvenile. She was caught by a falconer and brought to us. She does not get along with other red-tails due to imprinting, therefore she is housed alone. She is very interested in visitors and can often be heard vocalizing in her enclosure.


Red-Tailed Hawk

She is a leucistic red-tailed hawk who was admitted to our hospital in November of 2015 after being hit by a car. After being placed in one of our flight enclosures for hunting lessons, we quickly realized that she was not successful at locating her food. A veterinarian determined that the hawk had lost the use of her left eye and is partially blind.


Red-Shouldered Hawk

She arrived here in 2005 from St. Francis Wildlife Center in Quincy, Florida. She suffers from a permanent injury to her wing. The injury is likely a result from a collision with a vehicle. She is unable to fly.


Cooper's Hawk

He arrived at Cedar Run in June 2018. He was a nestling that had fallen out of his nest and fractured his right wing; he also suffered trauma to his right leg as a result of the fall. Unfortunately, the fracture in his wing already had healed improperly and we determined he would not be able to fly.


Broad-Winged Hawk

She hatched in spring 2017 and arrived November 2017. She is from Squam Lakes Nature Center in Holderness, NH. She was found on the side of the road by a wildlife control officer. She was very weak and unable to fly. It was determined that she suffers from impaired vision. It was first believed that she was hit by a car, but there was no visible head trauma or other injuries. So, after extensive care it was decided that she was most likely born this way. She was featured on an episode of NorthWoods Law when she was found injured during the summer of her first year in 2017. She is being trained for use in education programs. Cyrus is the Persian word for sun.


Red-Tailed Hawk

She arrived to Cedar Run in the fall of 2018 after being hit by a car which damaged her left wing and cost her one of her toes. While the loss of her toe has had little effect on her, the injury to her wing has left her only partially flighted, so she cannot be released to the wild. Harriet is still in training, but keep an eye out for her on Education programs, or out and about on the property!