Citizen Science: FrogWatch USA

August 5, 2023 @ 7:30 pm

FrogWatch USA™ is a citizen science program of the Akron Zoo that invites individuals and families to learn about the wetlands in their communities and help conserve amphibians by reporting data on the calls of local frogs and toads. What is Citizen Science? FrogWatch USA comprises a national network of skilled coordinators and volunteers that form a community with the common goal of providing large-scale, long-term data on frogs and toads in the United States to help answer questions like:

  • How diverse is the local population of frogs and toads?
  • Where are there rare or invasive species?
  • Are there long-term shifts in species diversity, range, and seasonal timing?

As part of a long-term citizen science project, we’ll head out on the trails each month just before dark to see what amphibians we can find! We’d love to have you join us! This event is geared for adults and teens. $15/person. Advanced registration required.

$15 per adult
$10 per child
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