We Will Miss You Mika!

Mika was found as a young kit wandering around an abandoned warehouse in North Jersey.  Mika was brought to the Mercer County Wildlife Center in the winter of 2014. The rehabilitation staff there quickly decided that he was too friendly and not fearful of humans. This behavior would make it impossible of being released to a life in the wild.  Since he had no fear of humans and had not learned how to hunt or forage for himself, if set free, Mika would naturally approach humans for food. His life would be in danger from people who could easily misinterpret his motivation for approaching them. Once it was decided that Mika could not be released back into the wild, Cedar Run was contacted to see if we could provide him with a permanent home.

Mika was often found napping on his hammock near the roof of his enclosure. While Mika had his chosen people that were his favorite, every staff member and volunteer loved this beautiful, silly boy. Mika was a big personality when he let you see it, and we will miss watching him wash each piece of food in his water bowl before eating, especially his treasured grapes.

Our staff and volunteers will miss Mika beyond measure, after 8 years with him being a central ambassador at Cedar Run. Mika, you will be forever missed. ❤

If you have any photos or videos you would like to share with us, our team would love to see them as we take a moment to remember how much joy he brought to all.

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