The Many Perspectives On “TLC”

The fall season at Cedar Run brings a beautiful landscape of colors as Mother Nature “winds down” in preparation for winter. Wildlife intake at the Wildlife Hospital also “winds down,” however injured wildlife are still being brought in, rehabilitated and released.

This past summer season at the Wildlife Hospital was exceptional busy. We experienced very high volumes of wildlife intakes. The exceptionally high volume of injured and wildlife intakes this summer was frenetic, exhausting even, but highly rewarding as we were able to release many rehabilitated wildlife! As I looked back at the busy summer season I realized that there are many different meaningful words which can be applied to the popular acronym “TLC” when it comes to wildlife rehabilitation at Cedar Run.
We all know “TLC” means “Tender Loving Care” and as a volunteer I quickly learned that wildlife rehabilitation requires patience combined with a lot of “TLC!” But as I think about the group of college Interns that spent the summer here I realized that “TLC” could also stand for “Teamwork, Logic, Cooperation” when applied to the care of injured wildlife. And if this “TLC” is implemented successfully, it results in the desired effect for interns and volunteers – the “TLC” which can means “Today (I) Learn Competently” because as a volunteer I am, just like our Interns, constantly learning about the care and treatment of injured and orphaned wildlife.
When injured wildlife are brought into Cedar Run the top priority for all staff and volunteers is another “TLC” – “Treatment, Learning, Compassion.” As the rehabilitation and care of wildlife is a 24/7 job, staff and volunteers implement another “TLC” – “Thorough Lasting Concern.”

Whatever your personal definition of “TLC” is, the enduring relationship between native New Jersey Wildlife and the public can only be achieved here at Cedar Run Refuge thru “TLC.” It is part of Cedar Run’s Mission to implement this goal with unwavering dedication every day

By Deirdre Radwill, Wildlife Hospital Volunteer