I have found an injured animal.

If you have found an injured animal
, gently capture the animal following the instructions below. Call our wildlife hospital 856-983-3329 ext.107, and then bring the animal to us.

Have a container that will hold the animal ready. A cardboard box or pet carrier lined with a towel or sheet works well.

Wear gloves when catching the animal. Leather gardening gloves or something that will provide protection from a bite or scratch are important. You may be able to coax the animal into a box using a broom or by sliding a flat piece of cardboard or plastic under the animal. All mammals (even babies) can carry rabies, a disease fatal to humans if not treated immediately.

Throw a towel or blanket over the animal. This will help keep the animal calm, and if it’s mobile, will slow the animal down.

Keep the animal in a warm, dark, quiet place and bring it in as soon as possible. Do not attempt to give food or water. Animals can go 24 hours or more without food, even babies. If you cannot get to the refuge immediately, place the box on a heating pad set to low or fill a water bottle with warm water and place it in the box.

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