I have animals in my attic/garage or under a deck/shed.

If you have animals in your attic/garage, or under a deck/shed, follow the instructions below.

To deter animals:

  • Place ammonia soaked rags in the area of activity.
  • Play loud music.
  • Shine bright lights in the area at night.
  • Secure any source of food you may be providing, including bird feeders and trash cans.
  • Limit access by closing off any openings. Before closing the last opening, make sure there are no animals remaining inside.

As early as February, some animals start nesting and having babies. You can encourage the mother to leave on her own by following the above instructions (she will take the babies with her).

Live-trapping and relocating is a last resort. Getting rid of one problem animal doesn’t mean another one won’t just move in and take its place. As a result of habitat loss, wild animals are forced to live closer to humans. There is nowhere else for them to go. If you have caught an animal in a live-trap, look around for babies before relocating.

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