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Thanks to your previous support, this past year was brighter and healthier for the thousands of injured and orphaned wild animals we were able to treat.  Thanks also to you we were able to engage more than 36,000 NJ school children and their teachers as well. It is only through your support that Cedar Run’s mission of Environmental Education, Wildlife Rehabilitation and Habitat Preservation is able to continue.  

It is only through your ongoing support that we are able to continue saving the lives of the injured or orphaned wild animals that are brought in everyday to our hospital. Your support also allows us to continue our work with underrepresented school districts and enables us to extend summer camp scholarships for those in need. Your support has helped us extend our reach and allowed us to engage tens of thousands of students of all ages on Cedar Run’s threefold mission of Environmental Education, Wildlife Rehabilitation and Habitat Preservation. No one works harder at saving NJ’s injured and orphaned wild animals, yet it is equally important for us to engage the next generation on why it is so vital to protect the healthy habitats we share with that wildlife. This is why our mission supports clean drinking water, breathable air and preserved wild places for people, plants and wildlife.

Cedar Run has become the premier wildlife treatment facility and one of the most widely recognized sources for STEM based environmental education programs for more than 300 schools throughout New Jersey. Cedar Run does this work without NJ State, Federal or local tax dollars. We are only able to touch the lives we do through your direct support. The truth is your support saves lives and changes lives every single day. At Cedar Run, the evidence of your support is on display every day.

We hope we can count on you to make a tax deductible donation today.

A gift of any amount will help, and you could double the impact if your employer offers matching gifts.

$65 will help care for one injured song bird.

$100 will help one injured hawk get back to the wild.

$250 will offer one child summer camp.

$500 will feed orphaned wildlife babies for one month. 

Click here to make you donation today. You could also symbolically adopt one of our resident Wildlife Ambassadors for those nature lovers on your list, or stop in and see our new items in the gift shop.

Thank you, and we hope you find time to enjoy the wild.


Jeanne M. Gural

Executive Director

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