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The most Vital Needs for the Wildlife Hospital can be found here.

 ·         Wildlife Hospital: 
 Mop heads (O Cedar Big Easy Refill - available at Walmart)
 Trash bags; 33 or 39 gallon size
 Paper towels
 Single-ply toilet paper
 Ziploc baggies (all sizes)
 Pine Sol
 Plastic storage containers with lids (32 gal and up)
 Putty knives
 Natural sisal rope 1/4" or 3/8"
 Exam Gloves (all sizes)
 Frozen Plankton, Blood worms, Krill,or brine shrimp
 Berries -- fresh or frozen (small quantities please)

 Eggs (small quantities please)

 Dried (powdered) egg whites

 Exact bird food

 Esbilac Puppy formula

 Green vegetable baby food

 RodentPro Gift Certificates

And a Wishing Well!
You know for the incidentals that we forget for the babies~some require special formula that only we can buy so that we and the State know that we are giving the best to our new little bundles of joy!  Please click here to donate and in the "in honor of" please type "Wishing Well".   Thanks so much for your support!

·  Education Programs:

 Trash bags; 39 gallon size
 LED light bulbs
 AA batteries
 Kid-sized shovels, rakes, buckets
 Natural sisal rope 1/4" or 3/8"
 Glue sticks
 Elmers and tacky glue
 Craft supplies (children’s scissors, construction paper, markers, etc.)

 Laminating sheets

 Plastic picnic table-size covers in solid colors

 Butterfly nets

 Small and large fishnets


·         Administration & Grounds:

 Tape dispenser refills
 Hand sanitizer
 Pine Sol 
 Copy paper: white or colored
 Card stock: bright colors (no pastels)
 Predator guards or squirrel-proof bird feeders
 Glue sticks
 Laminating sheets
 Compact fluorescent light bulbs
 Push brooms
 Extra lumber
 Hardware, nails and tools
Gift certificates: Hardware, Stationery and Craft stores.


*Monetary donations always welcome!*
Last updated April 11, 2016

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