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 ·         Wildlife Hospital: 
 Mop heads (O Cedar Big Easy Refill - available at Walmart)
 Trash bags; 33 or 39 gallon size
 Paper towels
 Single-ply toilet paper
 Ziploc baggies (all sizes)
 Pine Sol
 Plastic storage containers with lids (32 gal and up)
 Putty knives
 Natural sisal rope 1/4" or 3/8"
 Exam Gloves (all sizes)
 Frozen Plankton, Blood worms, Krill,or brine shrimp
 Berries -- fresh or frozen (small quantities please)

 Eggs (small quantities please)

 Dried (powdered) egg whites

 Exact bird food

 Esbilac Puppy formula

 Green vegetable baby food

 RodentPro Gift Certificates

·  Education Programs:

 Trash bags; 39 gallon size
 Baby wipes
 Hand sanitizer
 LED light bulbs
 AA batteries
 Kid-sized shovels, rakes, buckets
 Natural sisal rope 1/4" or 3/8"
 Elmers and tacky glue (we do not need glue sticks at this time)
 Craft supplies (construction paper, markers, etc.)

 Laminating sheets

 Plastic picnic table-size covers in solid colors

 Butterfly nets


·         Administration & Grounds:

 Double-sided tape
 Postage stamps
 Tape dispenser refills
 Pine Sol 
 Copy paper: white or colored
 Card stock: bright colors (no pastels)
 Laminating sheets
 Compact fluorescent light bulbs
 Push brooms
 Extra lumber
 Hardware, nails and tools
Gift certificates: Hardware, Stationery and Craft stores.


*Monetary donations always welcome!*
Last updated October 10, 2018


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