We offer several ways for you to help, some of which also make great gifts. 
Please consider Cedar Run in your 2018 Holiday Giving by: renewing your membership or making a tax deductible donation below. 

You can also give the gift of life through our Adopt a Wild One program. 

Thanks to folks like you, thousands of animals were saved this year and are living back in the wild throughout New Jersey and beyond. We cannot overstate how important your support is to this work since many of the nearly 5,000 injured, orphaned or displaced wild animals we treat each year would not survive without help.

The truth is, if everyone who brought an animal into our wildlife hospital each year made even a $50 donation, our efforts to save them would be fully funded. But only about half of those bringing animals to us make a donation, of which the average gift is $18. Without successful fundraising and tax deductible gifts from our supporters, this high impact, much needed community service would cease to exist. Please consider making a lifesaving gift today. 

The number one reason wild animals are brought in for help is unfortunate interactions with humans or our things, such as cars, buildings, or even soccer nets. Unintended interactions with dogs or cats also contribute to the increasing number of wild animals we care for, as does impacts with cars, habitat loss, and even inadvertent nest removal as trees are cut down during baby season. All of this results in Cedar Run taking in and caring for nearly 5,000 injured or orphaned wild animals each year, which makes us far busier than any other such facility throughout our region. Unfortunately, the costs of medicine, food and care exceeds the donations made by those bringing in animals. Truly, at Cedar Run, your support matters.

In addition to the thousands of animals we care for in our wildlife hospital, Cedar Run is also home to about 60 resident animals, all native to New Jersey. These animals, whom we call our Wildlife Ambassadors, survived their injuries, but for various reasons cannot be released back to the wild as they are not able to care for themselves. Our Wildlife Ambassadors are given a second chance as valued members of our education team.

Cedar Run’s Wildlife Ambassadors can be symbolically adopted through our Adopt a Wild One program. These Adopts make great gifts and come with a frame worthy photo of the individual animal, the personal story of that animal, species info and now additional.

Make a donation or renew your membership below. Adopts can be completed here.
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All donations are tax-deductible.

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