Cedar Run cares for thousands of animals each year, including 60 resident animals who are unable to be returned to the wild. These animals, known as our Wildlife Ambassadors, are given a second chance at life through our education programs. Your support provides food, shelter and medical care for the sponsored animal and helps provide care for the more than 4,700 wild animals admitted to the Wildlife Hospital each year. 

Give the gift of wildlife, or treat yourself, and help protect the future of New Jersey’s wildlife and habitats.

FIRST, choose your donation level:
$35 Level –
     • Adoption certificate with color photo of resident
     • Story of our resident
     • Information on the chosen species
     • One year subscription to our newsletter
     • One visit pass to Cedar Run
$50 Level –
     • $35 Level benefits, PLUS...
     • A free Cedar Run magnet
$75 Level –
     • $50 Level benefits, PLUS...
     • TWO visit passes to Cedar Run
     • Periodic e-mail updates about resident
$100 Level –
     • $75 Level benefits, PLUS...
     • A $10 gift certificate to Cedar Run’s Gift Shop
$150 Level –
     • $100 Level benefits, PLUS...
     • Private, guided tour of Cedar Run with an educator
$250 Level –
     • $150 Level benefits, PLUS...
     • A one-year Family Membership

NEXT, choose your resident animal:
Aandeg (American Crow) 
Aldora (Red-tailed Hawk) 
Apollo (Turkey Vulture)
Artemis (Peregrine Falcon)
Blueberry (Blue Jay) 
Bubba (Great-horned Owl) 
Callie (American Kestrel) 
Crogin (Fish Crow) 
Duster (Barn Owl)
Dylan (Corn Snake)
Henry (Northern Cardinal)
Mika (Raccoon)
Nazar (Eastern Screech-owl)
Orion (Bald Eagle)
Sassafras (White-tailed Deer)
Shiva (Red-tailed Hawk)
Tommy (Eastern Box Turtle)
Utley (Canada Goose)

Not sure who to choose? Visit our Resident Wildlife page to see bios of our Ambassadors.

Finally, complete the application below.
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Questions? Call (856) 983-3329 ext. 108.

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