Aldora, red-tailed hawk. 

He arrived in 2001. He was injured as a first year bird on Christmas Day 2001. A car impact caused severe damage to his left eye leaving him permanently blind in that eye and the inability to hunt effectively. Aldora was the first member of our Education Team to be "glove" trained for raptor presentations. His name means "winged gift" in Greek. 

Genesis, red-tailed hawk. 

She hatched and arrived in 2002. Genesis was brought to Cedar Run as an immature hawk that was imprinted after living with humans for several months. She had sustained a flight injury after an impact with a vehicle. A companion to Aldora, Genesis is used as part of our Education Team for programming and festivals. 

JesseJesse, red-tailed hawk. 

She came here as an adult in 1997. She was found on a golf course in Riverton, NJ. We surmise she was raised by humans and released while still a juvenile. She was caught by a falconer and brought to us. She does not get along with other red-tails due to imprinting, therefore she is housed alone. She is very interested in visitors and can often be heard vocalizing in her enclosure.

TillyTilly, red-shouldered hawk. 

She arrived here in 2005 from St. Francis Wildlife Center in Quincy, Florida. She suffers from a permanent injury to her wing. The injury is likely a result from a collision with a vehicle. She is unable to fly.

LinusLinus, red-shouldered hawk. 

He is originally from a rehabilitation facility in MD, but was transferred from PA in 2015, where they were unable to keep him. He suffers from a wing fracture, which he sustained as a juvenile back in 2011. This is an injury to his shoulder that prevents him from being able to fly long distances and have full extension and use of his wing. 

BeauBeau, Cooper's hawk. 

He was hatched in 1997 and arrived the same year. He came to Cedar Run with a severe wing injury. While being treated, he became unintentionally imprinted and deemed unreleasable due to his wing injury. He was previously used as an education bird and traveled to schools for programs. He was retired from program use in 2001 because of his high-strung tendencies.

AliceAlice, Cooper's hawk. 

Arrived in 2007 as an adult. She suffers from an improperly healed wing and ankle injuries. She cannot extend her right wing fully and has limited flight. She is very nervous around visitors.


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