OrionOrion, bald eagle. 

Came to Cedar Run in 2000 as an adult. He suffered from a collision with high tension wires in Jaspar, Wyoming. He was cared for at a wildlife rehabilitation center and determined to be unreleasable due to his severe wing injuries and blindness in his right eye. Orion likes to spend most of his time perched on the ground or a low log. He can be shy around visitors, but quite vocal if you listen carefully.

HallieHallie, bald eagle. 

Hatched in 2004 and arrived in 2005. She came to us from Wyoming and was found at the base of a tree. She had been attacked and injured by crows when she was a nestling. She was deemed non-releasable due to impaired flight. It was interesting to observe her as she matured and her dark head and tail turned white over the course of four to five years. Hallie is usually sitting on the highest perch and can often be heard vocalizing.


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