Refuge on Wheels

If you can’t come to the Refuge, we’ll bring the animals to you! We offer two presentation formats; Auditorium-style and Classroom-style. Call to reserve a program at least two weeks in advance. Discounts for 2 or more programs at the same site,  the same day. Additional mileage fee for programs more than 20 miles away.

Auditorium-style programs accommodate up to 100 people and are specifically designed for school-age groups. 
  • Programs are 1 hour long. 
  • $250 first program, $225 for additional program on the same day.
Hunters of the Sky
Live hawks and owls make for a dramatic presentation where students participate while learning  about the animals’ amazing adaptations and why we need to protect and conserve their habitats. 
**Also available as "Night Hunters of the Sky" where multiple species of owls are presented.

Pine Snake GaiaRaptors and Reptiles

A bird of prey, a snake, and a turtle all make the journey to your school for this exciting program. Observe each species’ unique characteristics and learn about their habitats and adaptations for survival.

Predator and Prey

This program focuses on the everyday struggle for survival in the forests of southern New Jersey. We’ll discover who is eating whom and how each animal fights for life while trying to fill its belly. Animals will include at least one raptor and one reptile.

Bald Eagle ChickEndangered Species

Students will meet live animals that are listed as New Jersey Threatened and Endangered species.They will learn why many animal populations are on the decline, and how to help prevent them from becoming extinct. 

What's in an Egg?

Students learn what different types of animals can come from eggs and how each of those eggs are different. Students will have a chance to meet live animals that come from eggs.

Box TurtleAnimal Groups

How do scientists group animals? What is similar about some groups and what makes each group unique? Students will help us solve puzzles to determine what makes each group who they are. There will also be a chance to meet live animals from several animal groups up-close.                                                                            

Classroom-style programs accommodate up to 30 people and are specifically designed for ages 3-7. 
  • Programs are 1/2 hour long. 
  • $150 first program, $125 for additional program on the same day.
Red tailed HawkWinged Wonders
This lively program, geared for younger audiences, teaches the characteristics of our feathered friends while introducing the children to two of our resident raptors.
Barred Owl SquamOwl Stories
Young students are fascinated by the songs and stories that teach them about these nocturnal creatures, and are truly amazed when they meet a live owl.
FrogSnakes, and Frogs, and Turtles, Oh My!
Students will learn first-hand that forest friends are nothing to fear as they meet some of the scaly and slimy creatures that live among us.get a chance to meet some of the scaly and slimy creatures that live among us (seasonal only.)
Screech Owl
Our Feathered Friends
What makes birds different from all other animals? Students will learn all the uses of these awesome things we call feathers and meet some of our feathered friends up-close.
Creatures of the Night
Students will learn the differences between nocturnal and diurnal animals and get to meet some nighttime visitors up-close.

Science Expos

Fascinate students at your next science expo with live animal presentations, interactive lessons about water, or experiments with animal adaptations. Choose from our Refuge on Wheels topics above or call to discuss your specific program needs.Programming is tailored to your specific age group and topic-up to 4 hours in length.

  • Programming up to 4 hours is available.
  • $350 for up to 4 hours.
Also Available for Science Expos:

Cedar Run LakeWater, Water Everywhere 

Where does your water come from? Is there enough to go around? Enjoy an interactive science lesson using an Enviroscape®-- every student gets to participate.

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