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On the second consecutive Tuesday and Wednesday of the month, running September to June (excluding December)one of our educators will help your child explore and discover the world around them through hands-on activities and outdoor adventures.

Drop-offs are available for all classes. All parents are welcome to stay and enjoy our grounds and Nature Center while your child is in class. If you decide to stay and observe your child's class and your child has a younger sibling that is not enrolled in our program, please make sure that he or she is not being disruptive to the other children. If we find a younger sibling is being disruptive to the class, we may ask you to excuse yourself from our program. Parents are also required to sign a release form so we have emergency contact information for all children.

Registration: Pre-registration is required and space is limited. Please use the link below.

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Cost and Payment: The fee for the Knee-High Naturalists, Nature Nuts, and Eco-Explorers classes is $10 per child, per class.  

Student Age: Students aged 3-14 may register for the classes.  Ages 3-5: Knee-High Naturalists; Ages 6-8: Nature Nuts; and Ages 9-14: Eco-Explorers. 

NOTE: Age groups may be combined as needed if enrollment is low.

Parents: You are welcome to attend any and all classes with your children and act as a chaperone.  If you choose to attend, we would like to stress the importance of your active participation.  We also ask that you turn off all cell phones and other distractions for the duration of the visit. 

Weather: Our classes will be held even if weather is inclement. Only snow closings of the Medford Twp School District will close our classes. Please be sure your child is adequately prepared for weather conditions including rain, snow, sun, cold, and heat. 

Class times: All classes begin at 10:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. Knee-High Naturalist and Nature Nuts classes are 1.5 hours long and Eco-Explorers classes are 2 hours long.  Please be punctual, as your child may miss some vital information at the start if they are late, and may also cause a distraction for those who are on time. If you will not be attending the class, be sure to pick your child up on time as well. Educators often have other assignments right after your class and are not available to supervise children waiting for rides.

Expected Behavior: Please prepare your child by helping him or her to understand appropriate group learning behavior. Raising hands before shouting out questions or ideas, taking turns, staying with the group, and being respectful to class-mates and teachers will be essential for a productive learning experience.  

Have a child ages 3-5 or 9+ as well? Our Knee-High Naturalists and Eco-Explorers programs run the same days and times. 

Green Frog

Mark Your Calendars!! 2016-2017 Dates and Topics:

• September 13th and 14th — Bug Wonders

• October 11th and 12th — Changing Colors

• November 8th and 9th — All About Birds

• December—NO CLASSES

• January 10th and 11th — Winter Homes

• February 14th and 15th — Prepared for Winter

• March 14th and 15th — Senses of the Forest

• April 11th and 12th — Survival 101

• May 9th and 10th — Pollution Patrol

• June 13th and 14th —  Wild About Water


Teaching another topic with your homeschool group or co-op? Contact us about booking a group program to meet your needs.


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